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Every solar installation is different, but seeing pictures of projects can be really useful if you’re thinking about installing your own system. Also, past customers are willing to go a step further, and will answer your questions in person. Just get in touch to find out more.

1.000 kW Land-mounted at Atella (Italy)

5.550 Solar modules 180 W mono

2 Inverters 500 kVA Power Electronics


500 kW Land-mounted at Piano (Italy)

2.750 Solar modules 180 W mono

2 Inverters 500 kVA Power Electronics


5.000 kW Land-mounted at Villabrázaro (Spain)

30.000 Solar modules 180 W mono


50 Inverters 100 kVA Jema


2.076 kW Land-mounted at La Carolina (Spain)

11.860 Solar modules 180 W mono

18 Inverters 100 kVA Zigor

3 Inverters 30 kVA Zigor


5.000 kW Land-mounted at Bargas (Spain)

28.500 Solar modules Conergy 180 W mono

1.500 Solar modules SunPower 180 W mono

50 Inverters 100 kVA Ingeteam


4.400 kW Land-mounted at Herencia (Spain)

30.000 Solar modules SolarWorld 180 W mono and poly

44 Inverters 100 kVA Ingeteam


Why EnergyFTP?

Energy FTP has experience since 2008 in the installations of solar energy (PV).

Experience in more than 31 MW

Energy FTP works with the best products and look for the best quality and price for our clients.

Energy FTP provides consulting services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects:

- Preparation of technical documents

- Analysis of photovoltaic production

- Feasibility &  economic viability

- Management of administration requirements

- Supplier selection and bid management

- Engineering management

- Assistance in the search for finance and project insurance requirements (damages and production)

Do you want to produce your own energy?

The sun will shine for another 4.600 millions years.

Make your own green energy without transport losses with the free energy from the sun.

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5.000 kW Land-mounted at Abenójar (Spain)

30.000 Solar modules Solon 180 W poly

50 Inverters 100 kVA Ingeteam