The solar module receives the sunlight and produces direct current (DC). We install solar modules from EOPLLY.

EOPLLY is a chinese market leader in the solar module sector and offers high quality during the fabrication process using the same methods and machinery as german producers do, and that results in a high value endproduct.

The team of EnergyFTP have installed more than 20.000 modules from EOPLLY from 2008.  The material is working even better than expected and we have experimented the efficiency and service of the post-sales service from EOPLLY.

Download the pdf with the datasheet of the solar modules EOPLLY


The micro-inverter transform the current from the modules from direct current (DC) to alternate current (AC) which is available to be used at home.

Each Microinverter integrates with advanced networking technology and web-based software to enable new levels of intelligence and connectivity in the solar array.

Specifically, the Enphase Microinverter System consists of the following components:

  1. The Microinverter that connects to each solar module and converts DC power to grid-compliant AC power

  1. Enphase Microinverters allow each solar panel to operate independently and control the power from each with 99.6% accuracy.

  2. This results in a significant increase in the performance of the entire system.

Download pdf Brochure Enphase micro-inverters

Download pdf datasheet Enphase micro-inverters


Conection between the installation and the safety breakers in the meter room.

kWh-METER (4)

The metering must be able to accumulate energy units in both directions or two meters must be used. Many meters accumulate bidirectionally (some systems use two meters).

GRID (5)


  1. The Envoy Communications Gateway that networks with each microinverter and transmits performance information to the internet

  2. The Enlighten software where Enphase customers can monitor and manage their solar power systems 24 hours a day using a computer, smartphone,...


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Why EnergyFTP?

Energy FTP has experience since 2008 in the installations of solar energy (PV).

Experience in more than 31 MW

Energy FTP works with the best products and look for the best quality and price for our clients.

Energy FTP provides consulting services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects:

- Preparation of technical documents

- Analysis of photovoltaic production

- Feasibility &  economic viability

- Management of administration requirements

- Supplier selection and bid management

- Engineering management

- Assistance in the search for finance and project insurance requirements (damages and production)

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