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Why EnergyFTP?

Energy FTP has experience since 2008 in the installations of solar energy (PV).

Experience in more than 31 MW

Energy FTP works with the best products and look for the best quality and price for our clients.

Energy FTP provides consulting services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects:

- Preparation of technical documents

- Analysis of photovoltaic production

- Feasibility &  economic viability

- Management of administration requirements

- Supplier selection and bid management

- Engineering management

- Assistance in the search for finance and project insurance requirements (damages and production)

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Tel: +31622275781

Twitter: @EnergyFTP

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Energy FTP´s target is to advise, develop, supply, construct and operate renewable energy projects.

For BUSINESS projects Energy FTP provides complete services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects including:

  1. Production calculations

  2. Feasibility,  economic viability, financing search

  3. Supplier selection and bid management

  4. Construction supervision

  5. Comissioning & Start up

  6. Maintenance reports, PR,..

With electricity costs constantly rising, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses, public schools, parkings. EnergyFTP help companies gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we’re perfectly placed to do the same for you.

With electricity prices increasing year on year and expected by many to double over the next decade, being able to protect your business against rising bills will help maintain your competitive edge over others exposed to rising costs.

Installing a solar PV system will allow you to:

  1. Save on running costs and protect your business against future price rises

  2. Benefit from inflation-linked returns of up to 11%

  3. Lower carbon emissions and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry

  4. Use roofspace on storage or production facilities to generate a second income stream

  5. Gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate

As we move into an period where reporting our carbon footprints and reducing our emissions become a key aspect of business for many sectors, especially those looking to build partnerships with suppliers and retailers amongst others, installing a renewable energy system can help you. With ISO 14001 increasingly a prerequisite for many partnerships, installing a solar PV system alongside implementing your environmental management plan is the logical step to make.

The savings you can make from not paying your energy bills will repay the cost of the installation over a period of time and help you generate a healthy return on your investment over the lifetime of the scheme. Installing a solar PV system is not just a good choice environmentally but financially too.

Do you want to produce your own energy?

The sun will shine for another 4.600 millions years.

Make your own green energy without transport losses with the free energy from the sun.