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Why EnergyFTP?

Energy FTP has experience since 2008 in the installations of solar energy (PV).

Experience in more than 31 MW

Energy FTP works with the best products and look for the best quality and price for our clients.

Energy FTP provides consulting services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects:

- Preparation of technical documents

- Analysis of photovoltaic production

- Feasibility &  economic viability

- Management of administration requirements

- Supplier selection and bid management

- Engineering management

- Assistance in the search for finance and project insurance requirements (damages and production)

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Tel: +31622275781

Twitter: @EnergyFTP

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Energy FTP´s target is to advise, develop, supply, construct and operate renewable energy projects.

Energy FTP provides complete services specializing in solar photovoltaic energy projects during:


  1. Location selection, production calculations, investors search

  2. Feasibility,  economic viability, financing search

  3. Supplier selection and bid management


  1. Construction supervision

  2. Comissioning & Start up


  1. Maintenance reports, PR,..

Multi-megawatt solar farms are quickly gaining favour in the world, promising huge rewards for forward-thinking investors.

The spectacular solar farms of Southern Europe prove that photovoltaic power is a viable alternative to fossil and nuclear fuels.

EnergyFTP can provide a complete turnkey service for landowners looking to develop their own ground-mounted solar project. We can secure planning permission, manage the installation and operate and manage the solar farm throughout the 25-year lifetime of the feed-in tariff.