Article 1. General

1.1 In applying these general conditions shall apply:

a EnergyFTP: EnergyFTP Consultancy and Energy installations. Supplier;

b. Copper: a consumer, government, association, foundation, institution, organization or company that an Agreement with EnergyFTP close on the purchase and installation of any product;

c. Product: solar panels in the broadest sense, including among other inverters, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, cables, mounting hardware, assembly and installation as specified in the agreement;

d. Agreement: the agreement between EnergyFTP and Buyer to buy the product and any installation.

e. Panels Factory: Eoplly New Energy Technology CO., LTD.

f. Inverter factory: Enphase Energy SAS

1.2 These general conditions apply to and form part of all offers and contracts of EnergyFTP.

1.3 The applicability of any general terms and conditions of the Buyer are expressly excluded.

Article 2. Agreement

2.1 All offers are without obligation EnergyFTP.

2.2 An agreement is concluded at the moment when the EnergyFTP sent to the Buyer Agreement in writing (mail, email, fax) is confirmed by the Buyer.

Article 3. Price

3.1 Unless otherwise expressly provided, the Agreement specified in the offer and prices.

3.2 If after the date of conclusion of the Contract and for paying any of the cost factors increase has undergone EnergyFTP is entitled to the agreed price accordingly.

3.3 The Purchaser is entitled to the contract by registered letter within 10 days to cancel if there is an increase referred to in Article 3.2.

Article 4. Delivery and transfer of ownership

4.1 The delivery of the product is at the address specified by the Buyer which EnergyFTP aims to delivery of the latest three months after the Convention has entered EnergyFTP.

4.2 EnergyFTP or its authorized installer Buyer shall telephone access to make an appointment for the delivery of the Product and any installation.

4.3 If EnergyFTP not timely supplies, EnergyFTP Buyer will be in default and set a reasonable deadline for compliance.

4.4 The transfer of ownership of the product takes place at payment.

4.5 After delivery EnergyFTP remains owner of the goods delivered until the Buyer:

fails or will fail to perform his obligations under this agreement or other similar agreements;

b. for work performed or to be performed under such agreements will not pay or pay;

c. claims arising from the breach of those agreements, such as damage, penalties, interest and costs, has failed.

4.6 As long as the goods delivered to retention of title, the Purchaser may not encumber beyond its normal operation.

4.7 After EnergyFTP has invoked his reservation, he delivered the goods. Copper is EnergyFTP allow to enter the place where the goods are situated and shall EnergyFTP the opportunity to remove the installation.

4.8 If EnergyFTP not invoke his reservation of title because the delivered goods have been mingled, distorted or accession, the Buyer is obliged the newly formed objects EnergyFTP pledge.

Article 5. Payment

5.1 All amounts that Buyer to EnergyFTP payable under the supply and installation of the product, brings EnergyFTP to Buyer will be by means of an invoice.

5.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing the invoice should be paid within (14) fourteen days after date.

Article 6. Installation

6.1 The Product by Purchaser itself installed and connected to / in the home, unless Buyer EnergyFTP EnergyFTP agreed that the Product will (do) install and connect.

6.2 The Buyer is responsible to the EnergyFTP responsible for the correct and timely implementation of all equipment, facilities and / or conditions that are necessary for installing, connecting and the safe and proper operation of the Product.

6.3 Purchaser shall in such case the staff of EnergyFTP or its authorized installer access to the place where the product is to be installed.

6.4 Purchaser shall ensure that the installation site no asbestos is present.

6.5 EnergyFTP is not liable for fire damage which arises as a result of working with open flame.

6.6 Damages and costs arising due to the conditions laid down in Article 6 is not met, come and be borne by the Buyer.

6.7 Purchaser shall bear the risk for further damage caused or will be caused by inaccuracies in the information provided by him or assigned activities and defects on the (im) movable property to which the work performed.

Item 7. Warranty

7.1 EnergyFTP ensures the proper functioning of the delivered products under normal use and after proper installation for a period of two years after delivery of the Product. During this period, the ability of the product does not drop below 95% of the original capacity.

Copper shows EnergyFTP watch the dates of transformers for 25 years for maintenance. The data are therefore EnergyFTP and EnergyFTP can use it for other purposes.

7.2 Defects must immediately but always within two weeks after disclosure of the defect reported to EnergyFTP.

7.3 EnergyFTP will at its option, within a reasonable time either repair the defect or replace it.

Article 8. Liability

8.1 EnergyFTP is only liable for any defects if these deficiencies can be attributed to her.

8.2 The liability of EnergyFTP against the Buyer is limited to the damage which and the extent EnergyFTP under mandatory provisions may be held liable. Indirect damage

(Including consequential) and / or immaterial damage is / are excluded. EnergyFTP is not liable for consequential damage caused by failure or partial working of the plant, especially financial damage caused by the unrealized revenue from the installation.

8.3 Damage should as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after the discovery of the damage, to EnergyFTP reported.

Article 9. Applicable law and disputes

9.1 The Agreement is governed by Dutch law.

9.2 All disputes, if no amicable settlement is reached, submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.

Article 10. Final Provisions

10.1 EnergyFTP has the right to change these terms and conditions; amendments will enter into force one month after publication. Changes also apply to existing agreements.

10.2 These terms and conditions will come into force on 18 February 2011.

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